After Winter break my mom sent me back to school with some red sauce from my favorite Italian restaurant to keep in my freezer. In efforts to ration this sacred sauce I said to myself that I will only use it when I’m making something worthy of it. It is not suitable for late night spaghetti. Now that the school year is making its way to a close I still have 3 frozen containers of this sauce. Realizing that it will go to waste if I do not actually cook something other than the three meals I’ve been rotating between all semester. So, I set out to get the ingredients for eggplant rollitini, something I have never made before. But, being that I am about the enter the real world in a month, I figured I should try to expand my repertoire of things I can cook. That afternoon was one of those rare afternoons with not much to do, so it was nice to actually take the time to enjoy cooking rather than just doing it because I have to.I made a whole tray of eggplant, most of it is frozen in my freezer, I’ll be having it for the next few weeks. The hardest part was slicing the awkwardly shape eggplant vertically in precisely 1/4 in pieces. I managed to cut 16 usable slices, probably about half of what the recipe called for. My favorite part was making the cheese mixture that baked eggplant would blanket. A little ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, garlic, and spinach. Even if I screwed up royally, there was no way it would taste that bad, it has all that awesome stuff in it, plus the special sauce.
After some little bumps along the way, I was very pleased with my final product and proud that I cooked an actual meal. There are things I would want to next time, but I guess you become a good cook through trial and error. My mom said you know how to cook when you figure out how to clean as you go, and I can do that…so I have hope for myself.  I think next on the menu will be some chicken parm.