Last weeks reading was very interesting. The only other encounters I had with food politics is from watching the documentary “Super Size Me”, learning about bugs being the alternatives to meat, and Impossible Food’s Impossible Burger.

I used to think the problem was just in healthy eating. There are so many different food choices like going vegan, paleo, and raw. Last weeks readings opened my eyes up to the problem that starts even before we choose what to eat. I was overwhelmed at the level of complexity with food politics. With the issues ranging from limited government supervision over the food industry all the way to just us consumers being misinformed. Not only was the problem just with the unsanitary conditions our meat comes from, but also with the mistreatment of our tomato cultivators.

The essay about the burger really hit home for me. I didn’t know life threatening diseases came from the home. I would think that these pathogens only exist in dirty food stalls, but realising that the problem can come from what is in our own fridge really frightened me.

-Suzy Kim