I started working with an adult English language learner once a week a few weeks back. Eder is from Brazil and is a professionally trained pastry chef who now works on a food truck that serves Middle Eastern food in Boston. Yesterday we had a wonderful conversation about the discrimination that happens within the food industry in American against other cultures, food as art and beyond. He loves to tell me about recipes and his culture which has become a really great experience!
The main reason I am writing is because he said one line that I thought was very applicable to many of the conversations we have within class. He believes food is art as long as its made with love. He told me he “doesn’t cook if (he is) upset because it changes the energy of the food.” He was very adamant about the necessity of love in the realm of cooking. Eder thinks that passion and care for a meal sparks positive energy in the receiver, not just the chef who made it. His dream is to one day have his own cookbook and wedding cake decorating company.
He will be at the food truck festival in Boston in the next few weeks. He is very eager to use his English and seems to do best when he’s talking about food! So if anyone wanted to go meet him or try his foods they should!
Here’s his truck info!  http://www.sheherazadfood.com