Coming to college, this is my first time actually living in the US. I have cousins that live in Virginia that are half white. Throughout my childhood I have visited the US multiple times. I have a dual citizenship in South Korea and the United States. My English is way better than my Korean, I think in English, I am more accustomed to American culture. Yet, I am not American.

When I travel to Japan I want sushi, soba, tonkatsu, and ramen. When I travel to Italy I want pasta, pizza, osso buco, and a good cappuccino. When I used to travel to the US I wanted Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Popeye’s.

My favorite show of all time is Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. This is the show that got me into food. My sister and I would watch DDD after school, commenting on how ridiculously big the portions are, or how fattening some of the food would be. Guy reminds me of childhood, of simple times and simple pleasures.

I still strive to be like Guy with his frosted tips, goatee, and his Oakley sunglasses. Guy has taught me that it is okay to be yourself and be truly proud of yourself, even if yourself defies conventional norms. I want to spend time traveling the world and experiencing the best local eateries. Most of all, I hope that one day I can experience the Flavortown that Guy is always going on about.

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Thanks, Guy.

-Suzy Kim