While the snow day was not my first, I have never seen as much snow as I did this past week. Back home in Texas when there is snow in the forecast, schools are usually cancelled by 7:00 the night before. Most times the outcomes are far less substantial than the predictions, ultimately gifting students an extra day off from school but no snow to accompany the snow day. On the rare occasion that we do get “snow” it is usually less than an inch and more similar to the consistency of ice than snow. Nonetheless, when it’s that cold out the foods I crave are a cup of tomato soup and a homemade grilled cheese sandwich.

Back in my dorm on Friday night this is all I wanted. You know when you want a type of food so badly that you can imagine the smell and the taste as it hits your tongue as if it is on a plate in front of you? That was how I felt as I tried to go to sleep and it was the worst! I vowed to myself that I would fulfill my craving the next day.

When I woke up Saturday morning I began my research first by looking to see what the dining halls were serving for dinner. No grilled cheese. Throughout the day I began to ask friends with kitchens if they would be willing to lend their kitchen to me for three hours to concoct an extravagant tomato basil soup. Negative response.

With dinner quickly approaching, I looked to Boston. As I typed in “grilled ch”, google already knew what my heart was searching for. “Roxy’s Grilled Cheese & Burgers” popped up before I even had time to finish typing. I immediately ordered an Uber and told my roommates to put their winter jackets and snow boots on.

On the corner of Cambridge St and Brighton Ave in Allston rests a yellow building. As you walk in, the smells are overwhelming in the best possible way. Fresh baked bread and melting cheeses fill the space decorated with blue chairs and a pinball machine in the far back corner.

The menu was overwhelming in the best possible way: I wanted everything. I ultimately settled on the Green Muenster: warm muenster cheese, crispy bacon, and house made guacamole (a shoutout to Tex-Mex from home) between sliced grilled bread. For a side I opted for the roasted tomato soup for obvious reasons and HAD to have the truffle fries. I can never resist truffle when it’s on the menu.

I patiently waited next to the pinball machine knowing that soon my craving would be fulfilled. My roommates wanted me to participate in the game but I could only focus on the meal I was about to consume. Finally I hear “order for Emily” and before she had the chance to deliver my tray I had already met her at the counter to grab it for myself.

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Each bite was a gift from God as I alternated from sandwich to soup to tasting the fries. I was in heaven! Or maybe back at home sitting next to my dog and the fire on the back porch with my sisters as my dad pulled sandwiches from the skillet off the grill and my mom served soup in bowls with handles on the sides that are a pain in the ass to store but we love regardless. Each bite reminded me of home and family and maybe that was what I really craved.

Emily Rayball